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Sponsor Online Enters NFT Partnership With Stickito  

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Sponsor Online is pleased to announce the addition of the digital collectible company Stickito to its marketplace.  Football clubs are now able to utilize NFT collectible cards and create a range of unique NFT projects with Stickito through Sponsor.Online’s digital marketplace.

With the continued growth of blockchain technology, digital assets such as Non-Fungible Tokens have seen a huge growth in the sports industry in the past year and become an authentic opportunity for rightsholders to diversify the sponsorship revenue stream. Stickito’s integration with Sponsor.Online’s digital marketplace will allow football clubs to engage more with their fans through digital collectibles.

Maximilian von Portatius, founding partner of Sponsor.Online said: “Stickito and its founders have convinced us with their track record of more than thirty years in collectibles to offer know-how and seriousness. We look forward to collaborating with them and introducing their products to the range of football clubs and brands on Sponsor.Online, wanting to grow their businesses.”

About Sponsor.Online

Sponsor.Online is a data-driven digital marketplace for sports sponsorship, offering professional football clubs, brands, and agencies a unique opportunity to connect and create cutting-edge sponsorship and advertising deals. Founded in 2018, Sponsor.Online provides a digitalized platform with an advanced, user-friendly interface and access to a broad range of comparable sponsorship rights.

About Stickito

Stickito is a renowned company in the collectibles industry with specialized collection items such as sticker albums, trading cards, and metal tags. Stickito now offers its users and collectors the opportunity to purchase Non-Fungible Tokens with the digitalization of collectible items.

Find more information about Stickito and their NFT collectible items by visiting Stickito’s website.

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