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FC Kryvbas & Stickito Press Release

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Sponsor.Online Connects FC Kryvbas and Stickito in New NFT Project

Sponsor.Online’s digital marketplace connects Ukrainian Premier League club FC Kryvbas with renowned collectibles company Stickito for a brand new NFT project.
Stickito’s marketplace will feature a variety of digital collectible items and custom-made Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of FC Kryvbas players and squad for fans to purchase with the newly formed partnership.
The funds will be directed to the social football program for kids affected by the war and renovation of destroyed football fields in Ukraine as part of the social responsibility initiative of FC Kryvbas and Stickito with the aim of increasing solidarity and helping Ukrainian children affected by the war with Russia.

About Stickito

Stickito is a renowned B2B and B2C company in the collectibles industry, included last year in the top-100 elite tech startups worldwide in the “Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2022”,
offering a mixed blend of the traditional sticker album and trading cards collections with
the blockchain technology and the NFTS.

Find more information about Stickito and their NFT collectible items by visiting Stickito’s
Corporate website ( and marketplace (

About FC Kryvbas

FC Kryvbas is a professional football club whose new history begins on August 20, 2020, when the debut match was played in the second league of the championship of Ukraine. The first shot at the ball was made by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi. Now FC Kryvbas plays in Ukrainian Premier League under the management of World Soccer Magazine’s awardee People of the year 2022 – Yuriy Vernydub.

About Sponsor.Online

Sponsor.Online is a data-driven digital marketplace for sports sponsorship, offering professional football clubs, brands, and agencies a unique opportunity to connect and create cutting-edge sponsorship and advertising deals. Founded in 2018, Sponsor.Online provides a digitalized platform with an advanced, user-friendly interface and access to a broad range of comparable sponsorship rights.

You can learn more by visiting our website or following Sponsor.Online on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

About the collection

The collection is exclusively available only at Includes 60 ultra rare NFTS in different variety and rarity: 25 Basic, 24 Limited Edition, 1 Rare, 9 Legendary and 1 Unique NFT.
The first Basic and Limited Edition eight (8) NFTS are already available, and you can buy them, by paying with your PayPal account and only if you have a Polygon/Ethereum digital wallet (Stickito prefers Coinbase). If you don’t have a Polygon wallet, it’ s easy to get one for free at

About NFTS

NFT is a record on a blockchain which is associated with a particular digital or physical asset, while the blockchain, is a kind of Digital Technology (called DLT), very secure and transparent for transactions. A blockchain can record information about transactions, smart contracts and NFT ownership. You can’t own an NFT, if you don’t have a digital wallet.

Stickito NFT is like having the physical sticker or card in digital mode. However, it’s not only a digital version of the physical item, but as an NFT it has a proof of authentication of the ownership, through a smart contract and that’s the biggest benefit: NFTS ensure fraud prevention!

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